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Reinvent Wood, Save Trees

Neuwood material is produced by the company Neuwood Materials. It is a bio synthetic wood which was designed using the principles of Biomimetics (Biomimicry). Neuwood uses this approach with other advanced sciences and technologies to address the challenges of outdoor furnishings and improve the environmental conditions associated with our industry.


BIOMIMICRY – Leading with Nature

The designers of Neuwood material set out to develop a bio synthetic alternative that emphasizes all the advantages of natural wood and composite synthetic woods, while improving on all of the disadvantages of both. They turned to a field of science called Biomimetics or Biomimicry.

Biomimetics studies natural bio systems, physiology and behaviors, and then borrows from the “secrets of evolution” to build better products that are eco-sustainable.

Bio-engineers first began studying real wood, deconstructing it down to the molecular level, with the goal of discovering the essence of it’s chemical and biological makeup.  The focus would then turn to the painstaking task of reconstructing a bio synthetic alternative that was a homogenous solid wood-like material from core to surface.

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