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Challenge of Privacy in a Data-driven Universe

The global internet phenomena has developed into a highly data driven digital universe, and it is becoming more and more challenging to preserve the sanctity of personal data. In our Privacy Policy we want to demonstrate how we respect and honor all individuals interacting with our website by focusing on transparency in how we accumulate, protect and use the data.

Data accumulation in the digital age

Data accumulation is necessary in most modern digital commerce and marketing because it is a way to observe how visitors interact with our website pages. We use this data to improve the content and user experience. Content that is not receptive to our visitors, we remove or improve. Content that is receptive is used to identify what our customers are really interested in and helps us focus on providing better services and products.

Data can be accumulated through input forms on the website such as the Contact Form. Our intent is to collect only the basic elements of information needed to satisfy the user experience and ensure the integrity of the individuals contacting us (e.g. email address, name, company name) – we also need to protect ourselves from hackers and spammers. Data collected through these forms are preserved for a single month on our website server, after which the data is removed from the internet and archived on our own secure local hardware. We will use visitor email addresses to send out company notices only if authorized by the visitor.

Data can also be accumulated through third-party software (plugins) from established companies who also collect information for their databases, which in turn will also help us identify and disseminate our message to appropriate customer markets for our products. The tracking services we use, which are valid and common practices, are specifically Google, Pinterest and Facebook. This “tracking information” is retrieved from “cookies” on a visitor PC and may include such data as time/date, country location of the visitor, pages visited – however, there is never any personal data (e.g. email, name, address) that can be attached to the “tracked” data, as it is also strictly against the policies of those companies to do so. In other words, companies like Google are obligated to forbid collection of personal data on their databases.

Any data collected from our website will never be used for any other purpose, or sold or distributed to any outside third-party entity.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

We also employ a popular GDPR plugin, which requires visitor consent for the use of “cookies” before they continue interacting with our website. If our customer information is compromised (by hackers), we are obligated by GDPR policy to respond to each of those customers as soon as possible. This is why we remove customer data after a single month, to minimize the consequences of a website server breach. Visitors are also welcome to request removal of their data from our website servers at any time, also compliant with GDPR.

Security is about Professional Services, Established Software

Our website and data are located on the hosting platform Siteground, one of the most highly regarded professional services in our industry, especially for security and support. We also employ one of the top two security plugins for our website platform to further protect our customer’s data and prevent infiltration from hackers and spammers. Pages and files are scanned and monitored 24/7 and reports are periodically passed to our networking administrators.  All of our software and plugins are constantly updated and tested to ensure the latest security features are implemented.

Preserving the sanctity of personal data

Protecting visitor data is paramount in this day of global network connectivity. Here at Neuwood Living, we have taken every precaution to ensure our visitor data safety. We are earnest and dedicated in honoring the protection and privacy of our visitor data and we hope our privacy policy will help our visitors to be rest assured.