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Neuwood Living

Fine Outdoor Furniture – Being Real

Neuwood Living is a progressive designer, manufacturer and purveyor of outdoor furniture. We use a new Bio Synthetic Wood that employs advanced technologies to build “real” wood-like solutions to help you make good decisions for your outdoor furnishings



Changing the Game – A Third Choice

For years, the only two choices for outdoor wood furnishings were natural wood and a composite synthetic wood.  Both have had offsetting advantages and disadvantages that ultimately left buyers at the crossroads.

Neuwood Living products use a new material called Neuwood, a Bio Synthetic Wood derived from biomolecular research and engineering. It looks, feels and behaves uncannily like wood, and also remedies the problems with outdoor furnishings and mitigates the environmental issues associated with our industry.  Finally, a third choice.



Imagine, Build and Inspire

Artisans and woodworkers have been sawing, sanding, drilling, and shaping wood for millenia.  This freedom to imagine, design and craft gives wood it’s earthy, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind feel.

Neuwood preserves this timeless craft by mimicking the behaviors and characteristics of real wood.



Contours for the human form

Our customers are looking for elegant furniture solutions for formal outdoor gatherings, high-end indoor designs that are made for extreme exposure. Neuwood Living products are just that curves, contours and cushions that are "fit" for family and guests and built for all conditions.


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